What is souq ?

Souq is one of the biggest Middle East’s online marketplaces; it was founded on 2005 by Ronaldo Mouchawar cooperating with Gabbar group before merge with Amazon on 2017.

You can either buy or sell any product on souq as you’ll find safe online payments and you’ll get your products at home by trusted shipping company, also it’s simple to buy a product on souq by make a new account, upload product photos, details and price then bingo ! You’ll find a suitable customer, once the customer complete the payment and receive the product and after refund period you will receive the payment into your bank account which is connected with your souq account.

Souq best products:

Souq egypt mobiles the most popular category in middle east, you can easy find mobile brands as Samsung mobiles , Sony mobiles , apple mobiles , HTC mobiles …etc. Souq egypt tablets and tabs, famous brands are apple ipad, Samsung tab, Sony tab, Lenovo tab…etc. Souq egypt laptop, souq egypt fashion, souq shoes, souq toys, souq electronic, souq TVs, souq accessories, souq watches…etc.

Souq services:

• Fulfilled by Souq, it means that souq is taking care of these products in their warehouse till delivery process to a customer; furthermore you can guarantee the quality of this service.

• Cash on delivery, it is a great service for customers don’t want to pay online.

• Daily deals, offer everyday on souq products as you can get discount or gift when you buy any of these products.

• Souq egypt working hours, saterday to Thursday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Friday from 1:30 PM to 9:00 PM. - Souq customer service hotline (+2) 19932 - (+20) 21602100 is consider souq is very useful website for shopping online so we get all data and offers from souq mobiles in Egypt and souq tablets in Egypt updated frequently. See souq best mobiles in Egypt, souq best tablets in Egypt.