Who Are We?

We’re a startup company offers services to online users by giving them all key factors to decide which product is suitable for their needs from different perspectives such as price, color, specs and delivery date. We’ve started by mobiles and tablets as we know they are the most popular categories here in egypt and we’re planning to get other categories, once we assured our services satisfy people's needs in this category.

What we do?

We’re giving Btefrek users the ability to check most recent Mobiles and tablets based on their popularity or their spec score. Also our users could easily hold a comparison between any brands together to differentiate between products based on price, color, specs and more.

Why Btefrek?

Well, we’re a very neutral, we don’t tell our users what to buy but instead we tell them what are the difference between products so they can decide easily which is the most suitable product for their needs and budget too. If you need to buy any product, you would do some search and pick some products and start doing all of this in your head but what if we offered you this service from one place without all this hassle!

Do you have any notification service?

yes , you can ask to be notified whenever new products are added or if you’re waiting for some product to be available in egypt, you can add it to your wishlist and you will be notified once this product is available.

Can i put my products on your website?

Yes, if you’ve a website and you need us to show your products, so people could visit your website and buy those products. You need to create to have an affiliate program and if you don’t have, it is okay we can offer you other ways to show your products on Btefrek.com .

How can i communicate with you?

You can send us a mail on or use our contact us page and we will definitely reply on you as quick as possible.

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