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Do you want to buy a mobile online! Don’t know where?! , jumia , x or y?!

When you decide to buy a mobile online, you have to pick one or two mobiles then try to get some info about each one like (color, price, specs, etc) and start comparing. Ooh isn’t painful! To get each piece of info from a different website and try to do the whole comparison thing in your head or even on a paper. Why can’t you get all of this from one place, just pick few mobile phones and then press compare, easy, isn’t it? We figured out that it is “Btefrek!” yes; indeed it is Btefrek to know whether this mobile phone is what you really need or not. “Btefrek!” to know all mobile prices across online shopping websites.”Btefrek!” to know available colors, specs and quantity from one place. “Btefrek!” to know everything about your mobile phone from one place without the hassle of surfing a lot of websites. We’ve made a website to help users take easy and quick decisions, by providing most popular mobile phones in Egypt with very detailed specs, rating and reviews without pushing our customers to buy anything from any store. We care only about our customer satisfaction and we want you to decide based on your needs. We collect all information mentioned on all online shopping websites for saving your time. We started with mobiles and tablets because these are the most popular categories in Egypt. But we’re going to add more categories, once we reach a high customer satisfaction about Btefrek services.


Offering a very unique and special service to customers for saving their time and help them decide what they actually need. Hard, isn’t it :D?

Yeah we know that each customer has a different perspective. Someone is looking for pros and cons and another is looking for prices (all of us :D) .but also there is a customer who cares only for a certain color even if it more expensive, or someone is waiting for sale :D (Yeah, I know you!). We collected all information all over online shopping websites and give it to you. You’re the only one who decides which product is suitable for your needs. Without any Ads like “best mobile phones”, “cheapest android mobile”, “hay there, don’t miss this sale!” instead we provide you with product reviews to know other people opinions and experiences so you can decide easily.

Building a big database from people ratings and reviews about products and online shopping websites. Btefrek users will have the ability to access this database to decide easily what they need. As you know experience always wins! Helping online shopping websites by showing their products with prices table for each product so that users could visit their websites and it could be a successful selling transaction, who knows?

Btefrek Tools


users can compare between mobile phones and get a very detailed comparison in color, price and specs. 3 clicks and they get what they need.


a number based on mobile technical specs calculated by experts to make it easy for none techie guys to know which mobile is better based on spec score. ie:- Samsung c9 mobile phone has a score of 90 % while Samsung j2 mobile phone has a score of 60 %.The first look tells you that Samsung c9 mobile is higher in specs than Samsung j2 mobile.Easy, (isn’t it?!):D. Don’t bother yourself with technical details.

Prices Table

Each mobile has a prices table contains all online shopping websites with their prices, colors, stock and shipping fees too. This information is updated continuously from online shopping websites, and for sure you will have a direct access link to these products.

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93% Score

8,999 EGP
92% Score

9,999 EGP
92% Score

12,999 EGP
91% Score

11,155 EGP
91% Score

18,039 EGP
91% Score

15,499 EGP
90% Score

9,998 EGP
90% Score

10,499 EGP
90% Score

12,250 EGP
90% Score

12,089 EGP
89% Score

13,649 EGP
89% Score

10,799 EGP